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Janicka went with her friend to the medical centre at the City for a health check.

It is not fun life with a weak heart when it starts go flickering. It can make you nervous or more likely a get you hard time full of worry and fear. You can not see this health problem on a man. We are fortunate to day – there are many new medicines. People get a chance to live longer. However do we live on the better way and do the right (or important) things?  Or are we running through our lifetime like a horse on trotting course?

We shall give ourselves a little while for a thought before the time gets short: do I make something meaningful of my life or anything good for another human being? It will be nice to believe that God is mighty and we can trust him to manage all for us? But then what we do by ourselves?

The February is month at the hearts sign: we celebrate St. Valentine day to memory of the ancient

friend helping the needing people in distress. He paid with his life for his good heart. It does not count just by a chocolate box to somebody, you need to care about him.

Janicka and her friend got their car parking outside one school with bicycles outside. Janicka was amused to see a young woman to collect her bicycle and wearing full sports outfit.  She will have surely good health when she makes her tours daily on the bike. Janicka does not dare to take a bike to the City anymore and put herself into all traffic there. She saw a funny thing outside the school too. There were not only bicycles but a few children’s scooters too. She wanted to see children so brave going to school alone at the City…

Janicka went to the King Street (Kungsgatan) and on the corner she saw one another funny ting: the Drummers (Trumslagarna) came to town. She saw a lorry and two young men unloaded the large metallic boxes (drums). No, they do not play music here. They will work in the house on a new air- condition system, Janicka got it right.

The waiting rum of the Health centre was crowded, so the patient had to wait for a while. Many people are in need of help for their broken hearts.

From the buildings windows you can see traffic down the street “Sveavägen”. Janicka saw many young people bicycling there (without blinking eyes) between all cars. It must be worse and a bit dangerous in the traffic at peak time, Janicka thought, and not everybody had a helmet on their had. She observed in the street the growing traffic and a cistern car parking beside the pavement. No, it was not gasoline delivery they were loading the beer barrels to the BUP (restaurant).

Janicka and her friend were going round the Hay Square (Högtorget) in the City. There were many stalls with flowers and fruits, but no so many shoppers buying in the noon. The sellers were lucky for the weather today was not on the minus degree so the mass of fine goods did not get spoiled. May be later on come here more buyers on their way from the work.

One young man jumped on his bicycle and went near Janicka. It was nice to see his skill for to “put himself on (line=saddle)”. Some people went in a rush over the square with their mobiles and were “online” of course. It takes the price, Janicka thought. She could not to understand people running whole time with their smart phone “toys”. Why they did not care about the traffic and all around them? Why today many people says : you must be on line!

Janicka and her friend went to the Hall (Saluhallen) for checking what is offering for sale. The same idea got more people streaming to the Hall. Maybe they went for a lunch to celebrate the Valentine Day. One young pair went hand in hand with quick steps, they were hungry of course…The shop with chocolate was crowded, many buyers was looking for sweets boxes or fine hand made pralines. She must try some too. It costs a fortune, Janicka was checking her purse. May be it is worth every penny and a little bit of fine “choco” is good for your health too. She had to try this candy.


Later on she wanted to feel scents at shop with loads of spices and herbs in long rows. She had to taste “Goji berry” with some medicine effect. Shop with fish displayed not only different kind of fish but shrimps, lobster and crabs.

All fish was fresh and more costly then at supermarket near her home. Janicka was happy to have her precious chocolate with her on way home. It was interesting to see some news in the City. You must be up to date ("update") – man can hear often today…

Janicka observed on her way home a large pink car. It left a parking lot at the main street and was driving after them.  It was a Pink Cadillac, one famous Yankee, her friend explained to her. It is worth large amount of money, I am sure – and takes much gasoline too. Before long time ago when gas was cheaper in the USA and this car was a legend over there. Janicka knew of course the old rockn` roll hit: "Oh Jessus give me a pink Cadillac…".

Next weekend Janicka wanted to go to the countryside, now when snow is disappearing there too. She wanted to see hello to her lady friend, living near the “summer time town” with good boat lines. It was on her way to her friend Janicka made stop over at this town: Waxholm. On the harbour outside the Town hotel was a steam ship waiting for new passengers. On the embankment many sea birds were waiting for another boat or a bit of food from people passing through. The street was nearly abandoned and Janicka could not understand the difference here now and on the summer time when whole town is crowded with folks and boats.

She went around the little square with the old Townhouse hall, some unique shops and maritime souvenirs shop. Two girls went inside the shop with cloths for youngsters. Janicka was thinking of her “little stars”. She could not imagine them to go shopping a dress by themselves.

Janicka wanted to go checking on the Gallery and Café owned by one popular artist LL. She wishes to by a piece of art pottery to her friend she will see this day. She was disappointed because the Gallery was closed, like more shops around. Janicka could take some photos of the pottery at the shops windows. There were the beauty fully painted cups and plates with lavender from Provence.

- Oh, it was not good, I can not go see my friend without any presents, Janicka was sad. She bought a flower greetings from the local greenhouse in stead.

Janicka got a cosy time with her friend anyway. They got coffee and apple-pie and long time to chat. It was so much news they had to speak about….

It was getting dark outside and it was time for Janicka to go home. There are many advantages to live at the country side. It will be summer soon and then Janicka can make a new visit here. Maybe she will get more luck then….

Do you like a bit of pie or what about some choklad for Valentine..??


January 2014

Janicka was wandering at her mines…..but her steps were not so light and she did not walk with a springy gait like she was to before. She was thinking of the New Year concert with the “Strauss ballet” with nice pictures from Vienna. It was a long before she visited the city of waltz king. She has then been a few days at the Austrian Alps at the late summer.  Because she can not be going to mountains hiking or dancing any more, she can only enjoy her nice pictures and memories.

- Think if you can dance in the New Year and walk so easy like a feather? No, she was never a real sports type, but she liked to go dancing. She tried the Zumba - pass at seniors Gym for some year ego. But it was not good for her, this high tempo she could not cope with. It seamed to her like a danger for health – when she only was looking at women jumping and sweating.

Well, every period of time at your life has its special charm. Isn’t it true? We shall live on hope and go through our life with positive thoughts in our mind. It usually helps ….she was “closing her accounting books” of past years happening.

Janicka got information about a song contest at the Hall in near modern shopping centre. She got curious what kind of music the youngsters like today. It was at the same Hall the winner of the Melody contest had its concert. She wanted to go there and see around to get all the news for her family’s kids. It was crowded with people there and she could not get near to singers.

At last the snow was coming and winter took over. On her way to the lake Janicka one day saw a few children with their mothers testing their new equipment (gear) for the winter sport.  She made a stop and was looking at them. One boy went on his snow saucer and one girl was going down the hillside on something like a plastic carpet?

The third kid was just rolling down on the snow ground, wearing only his overall. His mother was leading the whole play there and they had all great fun! Seeing all this Janicka began to think of her own kids, she must hear soon if they received her photos….

Janicka was trying often – if the weather is not so bad – to take a stroll in any case to her nearest grocery store. She went one time over a street cross and there he was…inside a roundabout: Some animal like half a camel and half a moose! What is that supposed to be, the “ship of the desert” or the king of woods, she was wondering. Can you manage long time without water and food? But it could be good, if a human can be equipped for all sides of our mother nature? We feel safer at our old home with our habits and known people around… We are usually returning to our old family home and all cheers memories.

At the shops there were not much people now…after all Christmas festivity and large presents shopping to whole family. Many grocery stores have special prices for potatoes and butter at this “small” month. They try hard made it all easy for our health and slimed wallet.In this time, TV and other media broadcast a new diet cure. We shall do more for our health now when the New Year starts… try with new promises about new life stile.

- No, it is not for me, to pulling my leg with GI or 5:2 latest diets. Janicka was smiling…. This diet allows you five days good food. Two days each week you must be starving on minimal calories. What is fortunately for me, she thinks:

- My stomach tells me when it gets more than enough. If you want get good sleep and quite night.

You can have a rest after all this your body went through. One must be nice to his own body. This is the friend you go together with your whole life…Janicka know how the real friend looks like a patient dog, but your body can be more important.He does not bite, but he can say one day:  “enough is enough” if you are not taking good care of it.

Janicka went to city’s clinic and saw how the cleaning staff was taking care of the rests after the Christmas celebration in the streets. A huge stack of old Christmas trees was putting on a truck by crane. We have got new fresh start on the City’s streets too.

She went over the high street by little bridge and met one group of young mothers with their prams. They should go over to the park on “Mälarstrand”. People living at the City are happy to have fine parks and can catch some fresh air here. Janicka saw a man with his dog in the park. He was rolling in the snow and after while run to his master. How glad this little doggy was… Is it something to be envious on.

Janicka felt relived, when she came home and got a bit warmer. She felt little chilly out there, her fingers and face were cold too. The winter made its job right. She was hoping that this cold and snow would finish soon all work here and move to the north territories. It will be nice to have short winter one year….

May we wish something nice this year?