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Janicka went out to check out how man at the city is preparing for Christmas. Every year comes new ideas for Christmas decorations everywhere. One want make the most possible for the department stories and the large shops streets. Folk shall be drawn here like with magnet and to only think of presents and start to buying and shopping…But Janicka and many elderly people can not do that. Despite the slim wallet she want go and see for her eyes if the Christmas spirit can be felt in the air anyway. She wants to feel again like that times long ago when she had her family around. That time they all together were celebrating Holidays. The high Christmas tree was already on place in the beginning of December near the Royal palace. The tree will come at the view from Grand hotel for guests of the Nobel price festivities and grand banquet at the City hall with members of the Royal family.

We others can follow all happenings on TV. Later on we can take a walk near the highest Christmas tree at the City and have checked streets on “Gamla staden” (The Old Town). You can see much here at this time. At the Stor Kyrka (The Great church) is displayed the Bethlehem and near on the square you can buy almonds and candies at the Christmas market. Janicka remember the time her youngsters liked take a cup of chocolate with pastry here after a cool promenade.

She met some people at the embankment street wandering what it was flying over their heads. This thing was going around little noisy and shining with two colours lights. Maybe UFO, Janicka was guessing. No, it was some kind of little drone- robot. The young man sent it up and was controlling. It was fortunately that the owner did not loose his playmate. It could come over the water to the other side to harbour for large ships. It could be taken over seas and be gone for ever.

On the other time Janicka went to NK – The Citys´ finest department store. The building was already enlightened with garlands and all seasonal beauty. People – adult and children were making queue outside of show-windows with all kind of imaginable fairytales decorations and were drown into the magic world. Janicka wanted come near with her camera and make some photos. They must be nice and cheerful for her little darlings.

She was not alone with this idea. Many mobiles and cameras were in the action there. She liked most of all the Lucia trio-players (the costumed dogs). It was pity she could not hear the Christmas carols sound…

What a beautiful flowers Janicka saw at NK - department stores entry and the huge Christmas tree like a bell hanging from the ceiling down over four floors. The Santa was sitting at the large Christmas tree and allowed many children to come near him or took some on his knee. The children wished have a photo to mail it maybe to their grand mother. Janicka was hoping to get some photos from her darlings…

Janicka was one day at a large mall Galleria and mixed up with a growing number of curious and glad people on shopping. Many families with children were showing their youngsters what is happening in the City. The most interesting was en contest of one media firm with nice prices: the latest mobile model or the Tabloid. Some children were outside show windows for a boutique with new play stations. Janicka was thinking that more children choose the Tabloids with games. They want their toys at the pocket like their daddy.

Janicka got enough of the City, it became too much for her. She can not anymore run around like she was doing before. She got tired of all the rush. She must take it easy now. Why you will rush today, it was much of that stress on her work before.

She wanted to be out in the nature before the snow came and before moving outside of her home became more difficult.One day she made a trip to nearest wood with an old ruin of the Viking fortress. On her way she met one group of people Nordic walkers wandering with sticks. But she forgot her own sticks at home! Maybe next time it will be better. She was following the back down to lake and saw the ship wreckage, but how could the large ship get there? Who was the owner and let the rest of a ship vanished there?

Up from a top of the hill she got a view over the lake. She thought of old Vikings. This people  were living here around and lived a simple life and some uncomfortable habitation. But they maybe lived despite all a glad life with only a little comfort. They were hunting wild animals only for food. They did not need the unnecessary things to hunt, things just to fill their homes with. They did not waste the resources of the Earth and left large mass of the waist out at the countryside.

We could take over the rests of their waste and mess. No, we are leaving large hills of waste after us. But on the other side their life was hard and sicknesses troubled them like the many fights and conquest of the new lands.

Janickas thoughts made her confused so she got lost on her way in the woods. It was getting dark soon. She went on the path and after some difficult moment (her blood was almost curdled) she met a man with a photo bag and a tripod.

- I was lucky that a truth nature friend is wandering here too. She sad when all settled down. She asked him about the way back to creek with an old house and parking cars.

- Yes, of course, you have only to go on this path forward. It takes ten minutes to come to the large way. He answered and vanished with his long and rapid steps.

Despite the quickly coming darkness (the time was only some hours after midday) Janicka was feeling relieved. She did not need sleep this night at the woods. She was not brave like old Vikings…

One day saw Janicka on her way home something very strange and got supprised: The Santa was sitting at the tall tree with his presents. But how he got there, who knows? He was maybe scared by someone very bad or something terrible. He was in a hurry to visit many children. Some of them got any presents from the Santa and were sad...

The first snow this year came at first “advent” to our country and a little cool wind was brought to us. But to the capitol city snow came later on. We have got a green Christmas and it was something.

Janicka didn’t mind.  But when she thought about children, it would be better with a little snow at the mountains or same on the hills. Anyway, it will come real winter soon….

 Happy New Year wish Janicka to all friends of nature…..



We have got a long ”Indian summer” instead the fall and a green beginning of winter this year. Many people were lucky because of their homes did not need so much heating. It was nice to get pay less for energy, was Janicka thinking.

The only ones who were missing snow were the sportsmen. They want to train before starts winter Olympics. Some children who like to throw snow balls or go to mountains for ski can be sad. On some part of lower mountains were ski lifts without any snow and man could not prepare ski slopes. They warn tourists for later start of winter seasons. What a green winter we have got!!!

Janicka was going one day to Steninge with a nice park and old glass manufactory(workshop). She took some food at restaurant and was planning to watch the glassmaker in action. They were making glass figures and vases on the time she was here last. She got surprised now, there was any sign of glass manufactory left, all of this was gone. The restaurant got a larger space. The glass boutique was enlarged too and inside was a big pot for candles making with wax and candles were hanging from the ceiling. At the boutique was different kind of nice flowers and decorations thing.

The Christmas has all ready started here, thought Janicka for her self. On the shelves nice dolls were sitting of many sizes. It was something for Lucy she likes that kind of toys. There were many Teddy bears and other presents here too. At the other show rum there were lots of nice and “expensive glass pieces” made by Swedish artists. Here was something for your eyes to enjoy looking at.

- That is unfortunately for factory at The Glasrike that they must downsize their production. That’s means for older art glass pieces made here – will be valued more soon at auctions, Janicka was speculating. She was almost sorry she could not go on with this hobby.

Janicka liked very much the painted cups and bowls at bright colours. One famous artist LL got her inspiration from Provence.

- What if I could to go there and can see all fields with blue lavender and yellow sunflowers, Janicka was wondering. She has only some little lavender plant at her small garden. The sent of lavender is like a magnet to many butterflies and bees.

At the rest of a long building were open an exhibition about an old family von Fersen. This family lived at the castle for a long time ago. In the stable and few sides houses was later on opened a glass manufacture and the boutique with a restaurant. This place is popular in the summer and before Christmas time for its market. Folk usually come by busses or cars by long ways. Janicka was surprised that “Mecca” has almost lost its attraction and offers are less now.

She took a walk through the large park to the coast and was remembering that here down at landing stage was a royal bark one upon a time when the king made his visit at the castle owner. Now, the history of Fersens family is showed which goes some hundred years back. One of  the castles owner (when he was Swedish ambassador in Paris) was mixed up with happening during the French revolution. He wanted to rescue the French royal family from to be executed – this may be not everybody was reading at a history book.

Janicka meet one lady with three dogs walking around. She thought of her own two, but they did not live anymore.

Outside the old stable (restaurant and boutique now) Janicka saw a boy playing with his ball. It was almost dangerous: the high ball flying against the building… But his ball missed the large window fortunately

The buildings and the park was maintained at lately.  Janicka meet at the park gardeners folk: they worked on paths and he castles front. The squirrel came near by Janicka and wants to taste maybe the mushrooms at an old oak tree at the park.


But it was not all who liked cool air outside today. She was wondering and pick up some chestnuts under large trees at the park. She was guessing which animals like chestnuts: was it deer or elk (moose)? On some dry branches, lying on the ground after windy weather Janicka saw moos and “lava”. She was hoping that small animals found here this place and little food….The snow will come soon surly this year too…

On her way home Janicka saw a truck full with asphalt and street workers mending a hole in the street… You must be ready soon for real winter time….

Maybe some candies for wild animals???



The beautiful summer will be over soon ….

The weather was still nice in the beginning of October. The beautiful summer will be over soon anyway. People were still enjoying themselves outdoors. People do not want to take the summer sitting groups into their house. Folk was still taking a stroll at the parks or was going on with their wandering outside.

Janicka was one day visiting Drottningholm castle and went around the park with a few tourists. It was like at a scary movie: around the castle large birds were flying. They landed on the grass and began with their” party”. Maybe it was here some food just before a next trip? No, it seemed like most of them will stay here at the royal home over this winter.

The birds were taken over the park after the short tourist season. People were lucky - at the large park was a space for them too. Janicka was shaking her head, she does not want at her little garden so many guests.

Another time Janicka went to the city and took a way around the Royal palace for a buss change. The sun was precisely over the castle’s roof and its shining went on the houses nearby. It was a beautiful view, she thought by her self. It was pity that more people did not notice this wonderful picture like she did.

She went on to the large park and the “recreations area” going along the seaside the out of the town. What a generous law we have at Swedish landscape: every body can sit down at the green grass at parks and in the woods. We are lucky to have many green areas and places near to sea…

The capitol city is placed on many hills and islands surrounded by water. Just take your pick…what do you like best. Folk living at Stockholm love their town with clean air and streets. They want to keep traffic and other kind of pollution under control. Man is trying to keep the town clean and easy to access for all…

Janicka is going often to the large park with the TV- tower. She was up on the top only a few times, when she got her gests. She wanted to show them a nice view over the capital city. She took a park stroll along the canal and sat there on a bench.

She met folks taking a walk with baby carriages or them who took a boat at the canal to creek. She was waving at people at both motorboats and canoes.  Some sportsmen were running their round past her bench. Large ships to another country are going every day by this place.

The Crown princes path is going around the small lake with many birds. “The path of love” was open by princes “Viki” ceremony last year.

Janicka usually come here often and enjoyed this nice place by the seaside. But now in the fall there are not any large birds at nests up the trees having their baby birds. Now here were only some ones of tousled Highlands-livestock. They like to live at the swamp.  

It is right time for every things, Janicka was brooding and looking around. She enjoyed here breathe the dazzling air of the late summer. This feeling you whish keep long time, maybe until next spring, she had this all on her mind.

Weather will be soon unstable and we got more rain and less sun. Janicka wanted to see season flowers outside and indoor, maybe something to bring back home.

She made a trip to a park at the castle and greenhouse. There are usually large plants with many butterflies at the garden. She made some pictures of the dragonfly. She wanted to send it to her youngsters. The dragonfly had a strange head with some painting of a cranium.

- This is very unusual, she thought. I never saw anything like this. She does not know, what was that for magi.

Janicka went later on to the Gardeners shop with large greenhouses. Her soul should get a kick of all flowers there. At the greenhouse she could watch around the sea of flowers of different colours and sorts. She felt like her heart began go faster from such an awesome view?

Maybe it was her grandfather’s blood going in her blood veins and got awaken here. He was a gardener caring for the nature. These beautiful plants give you pure joy. If you have green fingers- you can take care of plants and are careful with nature. We all people together have the one Earth to share.

Janicka went back home with a nice azalea and some hyacinth to make her a fine company…

At the greenhouse she liked the large camellia plant more, but it does not fit in her small living room. She was thinking on her way home about the old romantic movie with Greta Garbo playing one sad sick lady, she liked camellia too.

Azalea likes much water...



Janicka was waiting her little darlings…

Janicka was waiting her lovely visitors at the beginning of the month. Her little darlings should come and see her. She was ready with homemade baking and some little presents like a nice “aunty” should do. She began to make a plan for the trips together just to entertain and show them around. They should like the trip by boat to Birka – there were old Viking fortresses and settlements. They could stay on the way to boats stop at Marina for sealing-club at their pub. You can get a nice lunch and watch the regatta – sailings competition.

It takes much skill to control even small sailing boats. Everybody at the boat had life belts or jackets on, also the folks at the canoes, despite the nice weather. Janicka was watching youngsters to train at small boats, when she was enjoying her coffee at the sailings club veranda. How the young people are learning to sail, it is something she want to show her darlings. They maybe will like it and want to try do it too. Sure, Tom is not afraid of little water, but Lucy maybe likes it more on the land, Janicka was thinking….

One day Janicka got sad news, like a lightning from clear sky: it will not be any trip for her youngsters this time. Lucy shall begin her school earlier and Tom shall start his time at the kindergarten. Their mommy got a new work and they all have much to do now.

Janicka was sad and sorry for the kids, she knows that no one can replace their daddy who moved out from their home. She was trying to find some fun for them: anything to bring them back to time, when all was nice and safe at home. 

No, it was not fun for Janicka either, the summer is over soon and she can not see her family before the work time take over. What a pity, they are living so far from her. How it will be like now?? An adult can not imagine what kids are thinking when their safe world is torn down and much at home has changed. Janicka decided to go on this trip alone and tell them all about it and send some fotos. We are lucky now to have the Internet for helping to keep a contact. Today many people not only have a laptop and mobiles phones, a Tabloid with camera is lately “a must”.

It is true, Tom and Lucy got one Tabloid each of them. Little Tom – he has not started school and did not learn jet read and count. But he is good at logging at McDonald´s and read their news or to play games! What a genius on IT- Janicka is waiting that he very soon will order his burger for home delivery! Surely he knows how to make the payment with Visa card. 

On the trip Janicka met one family which where taking a swim near the marina.

A few boys came with the family boat and where interested in birds: one duck-mother with little baby birds come up to the mole. What a colour has their father. It was not like their mothers! Janicka was wondering who was the other birds lying eggs in their nests.

Janicka was watching boys coming near the duck family and get scarred. She was ready to jump up and help rescue the birds. Everything ended well, the boys went back to their boat and little birds get peace in their spot….

She was thinking on her own youngsters. What Tom would have done, the same like the boys or helped the birds? She will ask him. She was thinking often of them.

It was a pity - summer is ending soon and most people will go back to their work or school. It is hard to be young – everybody has their duties and “musts”. But what can you do when years begin to show on you. Janicka miss the time she could still work more and had some goal in her life. She was loving her work and colleges to keep company with.

Janicka is yet not complaining. It is not so bad to be the boss at home eventually. When your body listen to you and you have still all senses clear and childlike mind. There is much you can do and get back. It is easy try to reach out your hand. Not all people is so happy and pleased with their fate.

Do you dare try your wings?



Åland has thousands islands and the unique history

When ending your lazy summer days, a trip by a ship to our neighbouring countries is preferred. Some ships go everyday to friendly Åland, especially for families with children. There you can find comfort also for seniors too. This country with a thousand islands is a pure oasis for your tired soul after the all time at every days work, difficult time.

Janicka and some of her lady friends took a ship with a local ship owner knowing well his homeland. She was regretting only that her little girls could not travel with her this time. At the end of summer the tourist season is almost over at this small islands country. But anyway, you got everything on one plate: the nature and weather is still beautiful here. The rest of an old and some new history is still here and you can feel like home with all comfort…

You can take any way across the largest islands here and drive over takes only few hours. There are many things to see here. The nice countryside and interesting places is waiting to be discovered by visitors.

It makes you glad to drive on the curved way from one small island to another. You will see the seawater around you, it is like the sea is licking all driving cars there. You can take some local ferry from one larger island to the other two

The ancient monument is the Kastelholm castle. In this castle a few Swedish kings was living during the time when Åland and Finland was a part of the Swedish kingdom. It is a well preserved castle ruin with a park here nearby -  Skansen with old houses which were moved here.

After the war at beginning of 1800th century Sweden lost both Åland and Finland to Russia.

Nations political possession of Åland and its position in the world has changed. Under the Russian tsars’ time Åland became one outpost against Sweden. Russian army moved to Åland. At first soldiers were placed at the local farmers’ houses.

Later on the Russians were building an enormous fortress for a large army near Bomarsund. Russians brought many prisoners and craftsmen. People here where speaking many languages, they had different cultures and religions. They were living together and working almost 30 years. Some towers were based around the main building and armed with cannons like protection against enemies from the seaside.

At the sea-war at the bay in 1850 - came the French and English army and brought down the main fortress.

The garrison was tired because of sicknesses. Cholera-epidemic took many lives. The fortress stones was picked here and taken away for to be used like building material.

Later the rest of fortress ruins was protected by law. A few grave yards for people of different religions and some army cannons  at the ruins is showing in our time the macabre time for people at sea gulf…

The war at Bomarsund was not without any result. Åland got later at the peace conference an agreement – “Ålandsservitut”. This agreement meant: this country shall stay without any military bases and own army. 

There are many shops in Mariehamn,  fine hotels, ports for ships and marinas for small boats. Maritime museum shows great ships- history and the famous sailing ship is placed at main port…..

The local fishermen return home everyday in their trawlers with fish for delivery to local restaurants. You can taste some too.

Here it feels like the time is standing still. If you are lucky with weather, you can see and enjoy the nice landscape and the unique history here. The population is one hundred thousand. People have the Swedish language as their native language and they are friendly and can please their guests.

Janicka got a nice time at the large street- “Esplanaden”. She was sitting on the bench to get some rest. She got some chatting too with one man and his large dog. She was trying to speak first to the dog…

The dog’s owner was a retired man from Stockholm. He was glad to tell her more about his dog. She got to know that the dog is Berner Senner. His dog-family usually helps at rescue work in Alp mountains. He told Janicka too about his moving to his woman on Åland. He is happy to live here at her country house on a little island. Despite this large mass of tourists coming to Mariehamn the only town at Åland. But there is nice countryside near bays and forests. He does not want go back to the big town.

- But at the wintertime with a lots of snow and wind storm at the islands, how is it with the cold? Janicka asked him.

- No worries, answered the man, we have warmth at our nice home. We have all summer long to get ready for winter with stock of wood for fire, vegetables and fish. You get soon used to a quite live. We did not need to go out everyday to work. Lazy winter days ca be nice too and the sea air is so healthy all year.

- Janicka was glad to make a visit of Åland on this late summer time, when the islands are still in sunshine.

She liked this very interesting parliament building – “Självstyrelsegården” at the modern architecture style and first of all the young autonomy of this country. It gets Åland special place  in the world. Finland is nearest country and like the old brother has reaching its hand to this little country. The autonomy is important to people of Åland, and old history lives in peoples’ memories – they remember the price of freedom man had to pay…

Grumse gives you greetings from Mariehamn…

So long, see you soon….!



The summer is wonderful time you wish never end….

But this bright and warm time will be ending soon. The school starts a new period and free time will be over for many of us. It will be time to go back to work or other duties. Who still did not get out to see – he must wait until next year.

Janicka has been on a trip to “sailing mecca” – Bohuslän. She likes sail boats, but she does not own any by her self. To visit this beautiful archipelago and coast and these islands with unique nature – gets you a great pleasure. 

There are many places with old historic legacy, a few large viaducts and industry factories. Some villages are written about in books or in the songs.

Places with names are like: Fjällbacka, Grebbestad, Klädesholmen, Smögen or Strömstad. Tanum has many painted images on stones (the rock carvings).It  takes us thousands years back. Already then people were living here and fishing fresh fish. Many places are “drawing” visitors here with their special location, sea air and this food is god for your health. Nothing is better then the sandwich with fresh shrimps…

Can you think to be able see from the windows not only the sea gulf with the high bridge and lighthouse and  large ships going to towns harbour  … There are seagulls too flying over you and the sea. 

This sandwich taste delicious !!



At last the summertime arrived…

The schools will close soon for a long free time from school work. Many youngsters can at last think about other things and enjoy their holidays. Everybody needs to have a rest. We are happy to have our oven secret “strawberry place” to fine a piece and enjoy ourselves.

Janicka was sorry for the children without a possibility to go and visit their grandma or grandpa and live noisy on the countryside.. Her two girls can not come and see her this time. The summer will not be glad without their laughter and twitter..

Janicka will take many photos on her trips and send them to her girls. They usually speak together over the Internet and keep themselves updated. It makes you glad to be able to communicate this way and show news on pictures. Her girls liked most the Tivoli or marry go round which came to their town. The long distance between them will not be so hard this way.

Janicka want to be updated, she thinks often on them and time is going on further. She does not want to feel alone…

On the midsummer day Janicka was at a “folk festival”. On her way to the celebrations place she met people with their bags, stools or many others going by their bicycles. Families with their children, bicycles or dogs – everybody was welcome there.

Folks were waiting at long lines outside the kiosks selling refreshments or lotteries. Janicka bought nothing there, it shall wait until her girls come and visit her. Many little and grown up girls came with nice summer dress with a flowers or had a flowers ring on their heads.

Around the midsummer pole music was played. A group of dancers wearing a “folkoutfit” was singing and dancing ring dances. There were children going round too. This time it was a merry celebration for Janicka too. All people here had a wonderful time.

Every where around Janicka was people sitting on grass listening to music or dancing. Many of them had picnic baskets and eating sandwiches. Janicka was feeling a nice warm ”atmosphere of humanity”. It was not only sun making this day remarkable. It was like all people had a nice time together and this bring them together. All of them lived up thru the old tradition……

Long live the ”god spirit” at our mind…..



May has came with many green forests and beautiful meadows…

Wonderful month May did not save the warmth. The flower time came eventually. You can only feel sorry for the allergic people, they could not enjoy this new air full of different scents. Always is there something that does not suits everybody.

Many people came to the “Kungstradgården” (Kingspark), something they do every year at this time. They usually enjoy the blooming tree around the fountain. Some children took their first dip at the call water.

Janicka was working at her little garden and went around with a water tube – not always the rain comes at the right time. Every day was happening something new at her spot and outdoors at the parks.

The first lawn- movers has been driven around. Many bushes (the non survivals after the hard winter) has been taken care of and where cleaned out.

The apple tree has survived over winter without any damage and soon blossomed. Maybe there will be some fruit this year? It was nice that my clinging vine is coming again this spring. Janicka was wondering these things on her way to the recycle collection station.

One day she met many people with ”the green fingers” at the gardeners (horticultural-garden). There you could look out and enjoy many plants and costly plant species. One old vine at one pot was not looking well but the price was a few thousand.

- Thanks God for my own vine, It gave me already many good wine grapes, Janicka was thinking by her herself. She was buying some herbs and a few pots with geranium. She likes it nice at home.


Plants and expensive species



In the end of April people will celebrate coming spring with traditional fires on many places in our country.

Folks will welcome the spring with great pleasure. Everybody has been longing after warmth and flowers at the meadows. Out to the countryside, it´s time now!!
Janicka met one young dog rolling in the grass. He was jumping with joy after his ball. Some joy time one will get. We want to live a rich live and enjoy us, is not that right??

Janicka shall go to watch the fires this evening and sing some glad songs: Out with the winter and in with the warmth…. Do you want to celebrate the coming spring with us? Maybe we will meet out there, who knows?

See for the first bee of this year…



Winter weather is getting much better during some days now. It seems like the winter want to take a brake and need a rest after so long heavy time… The sun came to us. The large snow masses covering the landscape and lying on some places in city is slowly melting down.

More people are enjoying to strolling at streets again. It is nice to fell that the spring is coming soon. (It gets one to smile again.)

Families with children went out for a walk or skiing on the coast. The path in parks was cleaned from snow.  View over the sea or lake covered with ice attracts many people.

A few families do not mind that the grass was not green at the parks this time of the year. They were sitting down in the snow and took a pick nick with tee and sandwiches. The cities park was pleasant place at winter too.

Many nature lovers enjoy the winter day anyway.

People who have a time to be together are living healthy. They get more happy and rich life. Janicka was wandering about her family when looking at these people. It is nice to have the family around. She was longing after summer. She began to think of her little girls and felt how much she misses them. But they live so far away. They can come over and see her only at summertime. They can talk only on phone or Internet. We are lucky to have so many advanced things helping us today…